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Martial Arts supplies:
• Uniforms
• Shoes
• Padding
Long weapons
• Staffs
• Spears
• Tiger forks
• Kwan daos
Short weapons
• Broad swords
• Straight swords
• Butterfly swords
• Knives
• Nunchucks
• Much more...
Other products include:
• Books
• Videos
• Herbs
• Natural foods
• Posters
• Statues
• Patches
• Much more...

Beginning Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu
by Master John S.S. Leong.

This book describes basic Hung Gar Kung Fu, history, philosophy, training, applications, and the Plum Flower form (Mui Fa Kuen).

$12.95 (U.S.) per book

The Seattle Kung Fu Club 40 Year Anniversary

This hardbound book commemorates the history of the Seattle Kung Fu Club, founded by Master John S.S. Leong in 1963.

$40.00 (U.S.) per book

Ancient Chinese Esoteric Art of Health Improvement and Longevity
by Taoist Master Chu Hok Ting

The first English translation of this important chi-gung book by master Chu Hok Ting. Includes:

  • Chi-gung exercises for longevity
  • Healthy diet and herbal formulas for all seasons
  • History and philosophy of Taoist chi-gung
  • A glossary, exclusive to the English edition, explaining many of the chi-gung terms used within the book.

$17.99 (U.S.) per book

Shaolin Temple Fighting Monks Kung Fu

Live footage of the Shaolin Monks of northern China seen for the first time in the US in 1992. Features exclusive demonstrations of:

  • Two person fighting sets with ancient weapons including cudgel, Bodhidharma's staff, broadsword, and long-hilt broadsword
  • Chi-kung (internal strength) performances of superhuman strength and endurance
  • Empty hand fighting forms
  • Two person empty hand fighting sets
  • The rarely performed Fire Tounge healing ritual

$24.95 (U.S.) per video