The Seattle Kung Fu Club in the Chinatown International District celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023! Profile and interview from KIRO news.

The Seattle Kung Fu Club performed a lion and dragon dance at T-Mobile Park for the Mariners on May 23, 2023 for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Night.


Video of Grandmaster John SS Leong demonstrating forms and qi gong.

Grandmaster Leong demonstrates Fu Hok Seong Ying Kuen at 80 years old in 2017.

Grandmaster Leong demonstrates Gung Chi Fook Fu Kuen, bends steel rods, and has a slab of granite broken on his back with a sword at his throat at 70 years old in 2007.

Grandmaster Leong demonstrates Lau Ga Kuen and Gung Chi Fook Fu Kuen in the 1970s.

Selected magazine features.

Inside Kung Fu, May 1984.

Inside Kung Fu, November 1998.

New Martial Hero, December 2002.

New Martial Hero, 2003.

New Martial Hero, 2004.

Kung Fu Tai Chi, January 2008.

Kung Fu Tai Chi, November 2017.

Clips from The Challenge starring Master Robin Leong.

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