Ch'i Life Studio Founder ROBIN LEONG
Best known for his starring roles in the action dramas "Triple Nine" and "The Challenge", celebrity Robin Leong is also an international Martial Arts Champion trained in Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Robin began his martial arts training from the tender age of 4 at the Seattle Kung Fu Club in the United States and became a head instructor there at the age of 18. Robin has won numerous international fighting and forms competitions throughout the world including the United States, Canada and China. Robin has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communications from the University of Washington, USA.

Robin entered the entertainment industry in Hong Kong in 1995 and moved to Singapore in 1997. Since his arrival in Singapore, Robin has starred in over 15 Television Dramas, Sitcoms and Feature Films in both English and Mandarin and has also hosted a variety of Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle programs. During his acting and hosting career, he also became a successful entrepreneur, with numerous business ventures around the world. In 2002, Robin established Ch'i Life Studio in Singapore, which has now expanded into Shanghai, Beijing, and the USA with more than 5,000 members. In 2007, Robin also established the Ch'i Life Group, which specializes in the producing of live international performances, television and movie productions, as well as local and overseas investments.

With more than 3,800 children currently enrolled in his 'Kung Fu Kids' fitness programs worldwide, the talented children of Ch'i Life Studio have been featured in numerous Television programs, Magazines, Movies, Commercials and live Performances. In August 2006, some of Ch'i Life Studio's top students won numerous gold medals at the Qingdao International Wushu Tournament in China!

Robin's life long dream has always been to inspire children and to nurture them into developing strengths both physically, and most importantly, mentally. It is evident that Robin's passion in life shines through in the development of each and every child.

Sifu Wong Ha
Choy Lai Fut Martial Arts Hall is dedicated to the traditional study and application of the Choy Lai Fut system of kungfu. Located in Vancouver, Canada.

Sifu Ken Low
Ken Low's Wushu Academy. Located in Vancouver, Canada.

Sifu Pui Chan
Master Pui Chan introduced the Wah Lum System to the United States and is currently the only master in the U.S. teaching this system. He is the 6th generation successor of the Northern Praying Mantis System and 33rd generation successor of the Shaolin Temple, China. In addition to being a disciple of Grandmaster Lee Kwan Shan, he has studied under several masters of the style. Having given many exciting demonstrations throughout the United States, appearing on television, in newspapers and in martial arts magazines, his skills and knowledge are highly respected by martial artists and masters worldwide. Based in Orlando, Florida.

Sifu Lily Lau
Grandmaster Lily Lau is the eldest daughter of the 7th Generation Eagle Claw Late Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang. She is the first and only woman to take over a Kung Fu System and teach openly as a Kung Fu Master. Based in San Francisco, California.