Kung Fu offers physical exercise for health, discipline and blending of body, mind and spirit. With regular practice, the student achieves confidence, patience, endurance, self-control and self-awareness. The longer it is practiced, the greater the benefits.

Two styles of Kung Fu, Hung Gar Kuen and Tai Chi Chuan, are offered at the Seattle Kung Fu Club. Both styles are available to men, women and children of all ages. Students are taught individually.

Hung Gar Kuen
This "hard" or external style Kung Fu features powerful blocks, punches and kicks. Students undergo intensive physical training to develop speed, balance and power. Hung Ga is a highly efficient self-defense system and a superior method of body building.

All students begin their training with repetitions of basic exercises for strength, conditioning and coordination. Students learn hand forms, weapon forms, two-person forms and sparring.

Students of Hung Ga achieve strength, concentration, confidence and self-discipline.

Tai Chi Chuan
This "soft" or internal style Kung Fu involves slow ballet-like movements to develop speed and agility necessary to turn opponents' energy against themselves. Tai Chi is a unique and dynamic method of non-strenuous conditioning.

All students begin their training with a set of 18 exercises for strength and flexibility. This is followed by the 20 minute hand form which is taught move by move. The curriculum also includes weapon forms and pushing-hands.

The emphasis is on relaxation, breathing and concentration. Students of Tai Chi achieve calmness, greater concentration, agility and patience.

School Branches
International District / Downtown
Aurora / North Seattle
University of Washington IMA
Redmond / Bellevue / Eastside

Master Leong demonstrates chi development by bending steel reinforcing rods against his bare throat.
Master Leong demonstrates chi development by bending steel reinforcing rods against his bare throat.
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Chi-Life Studio now opened for Bellevue and the eastside!
Offering Shaolin Kung Fu, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Tai-Chi, Wu-Shu, Qi Gong and more, Chi-Life Studio is now open in Redmond. Located on the border of Redmond and Bellevue, come by the new school to see for yourself!